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ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition)

ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition) design different types of ID cards including Student ID cards, Visitors ID cards, Gate Pass for the visitors etc. Software is having "Visitor ID or Gate Pass Mode" specially for designing visitor ID Cards and Gate Pass for visitors. Software helps users to design list of idenity cards with different barcode value and text.

Software provides Live Group and Batch Processing Mode for ID card Designing of group of people. You can print as well as email your designed ID card whenever required.

ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition)
Software provides five modes to design ID Cards. Select any one mode for designing ID card. For demonstration purpose, Here we have choosen "Start by using Wizard" mode.

Software Features :

  • Generate list of ID cards along with different barcode and text value using Batch Processing Series.
  • Provide option to send designed ID card via email settings.
  • Software provides Image Cropping Tool to crop a single image or to crop multiple images for your ID card.
  • Software provides option to take the pictures using Camera.
  • Option to print created ID cards using advance print settings.
  • Allows user to design ID card with "One (Front Side)" or "Two (Front and Back Side)" option as per requirements.
  • Software provides option to browse ID card details from Excel while designing ID Card.
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